About the Project

Palm Awards
15th of May 2019

Palm Awards for the best restaurant concept was founded in France in 1993 by Daniel Majonchi (founder of Chantegrill restaurant chain and Mundaka restaurant). The award is granted annually by the Leaders Club International, international club of professionals in restaurant business, presided by its President Jürgen Strasser. Restaurants from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Russia, and in the near future Ireland and Turkey compete annually to get the status of the best restaurant concept. This year, an agreement on setting up subdivision of the Leaders Club Ukraine has been signed with RestoPraktiki. It means that history of Ukrainian Palm Awards is beginning in 2017.

What is it – Palm Awards in Ukraine?

Officially, Leaders Club Ukraine is a subdivision of Leaders Club International. LCI is the organisation that owns rights for the contest.

Maxim Khramov is the Partner of the Leaders Club Ukraine.
Avrora Ohorodnyk is the President of the Leaders Club Ukraine.
Sofia Kolomytseva is the Partner of the Leaders Club Ukraine.
Serhii Trakhachov is the Partner of the Leaders Club Ukraine.

Palm Awards
15th of May 2019

Selection of participants for the competition in a long list is made based on application forms. New restaurants /bars /cafes /caravans are to fill in a form and if all requirements are met they are included on a list of participants.

The number of nominees in the long list is unlimited. Selection of finalists is made by LCU and invitee board of experts. It has been decided that only 10 concepts, which will prove to be the most impressive, bright and meet requirements of the Award, will be included in a short list.

Three winners will be nominated at the Palm Awards gala ceremony by participants in the ceremony, representatives of the restaurant business, suppliers, and journalists.

All 10 concepts will be presented to the audience at the ceremony. The presentation will take place on the stage where videos about every facility will be projected (no longer than three minutes) and also the owner will answer three questions of the hosts. After that, the guests of the ceremony will be handed over voting ballots where all 10 nominees will be enlisted. Favorite concepts will have to be marked with numbers. “One” would mean “Golden Palm”, “two” – “Silver Palm” and “three” – “Bronze Palm.” Based on the results of the voting, the winners will be announced. Restaurant-winner will represent Ukraine on International “Palm Branch”.

Criteria for selection
  • The main criteria for participation in the Palm Award competition are:
  • The opening date is within the period not earlier than 1th of December 2017 and not later than 31th of Junuary 2019;
  • Creativity and originality of the concept;
  • Quick payout of the project;
  • Possibility to replicate the concept;
  • New trends;
  • Design and ambience;
  • Adequate HR policy.
5 JANUARY – 31 APRIL 19 April 15 May
Applications are accepted (long list) Announcement of 10 finalists (short list) Award Ceremony and voting. Selection of three winners
Avrora Ohorodnyk

President of the Leaders Club Ukraine